Friday, May 1, 2009

this is my favorite poem.

until we meet again

might have been so simple
yet uttered perfectly your first "hello" then,
so precious but for free;
for others it seems awkward for they can never see
the deeper sense of your hello
means so much to me.

I can't hardly understand if i have been charmed
w/ that noteworthy hello i was obviously alarmed,
can't hide my eyes gleaming whenever you are near
so afraid that love would gradually appear.

I know it'll be unfair if i will not admit
that now i'm your slave and willing to commit.
Funny how it seems but words cannot explain
that your immediate absence will cause me pain....

days passed by but still your in my mind,
for how many times i told myself... its you i must find.
helplessly trying to be sure of what to say
but still so fearful i'll hear goodbye one day.

why must this be?
cant stop asking why...
were you just born to cause me endless cry?
oh how can i tell you this feeling kept inside
if sometime after now you'll be saying GOODBYE...

If fate against faith is now we must have been.
and even though it hurts so much
then so be it...
guided by this poem with an embraced of sweet refrain..

HELLO AND GOODBYE.... until we meet again!!