Wednesday, January 12, 2011

ACTUALLY THIS IS NOT MINE, I DON'T KNOW WHO WROTE THIS. NAKUHA KO LANG SYA SA UPUAN KO, WALANG NAG CLAIM KYA TINAGO KO KC NAGANDAHAN AKO.. tagal na to sa taguan ilang taon na nkalipas akala ko nawala na nkatago lang pala.



I am forever yours…

because when you hold me,

I feel like nothing else matters

more than the love

I’ve found with you.

I am forever yours…

because when you look at me,

I can see how much you love me,

your eyes tell me the closeness

we share is something deep,

something we could have

only found with each other.

I am forever yours…

because there is something special

in the way we trust each other

so completely.

I am foreverr yours…

because only with you

can i capture the moment

where i know what it’s like

to feel heaven,

only with you have i ever felt

so safe, so loved.

I am forever yours…

because i wouldn’t want it

any other way.